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NEKO - Our Friesian Mare

Neko pulling the Meadowbrook

Neko pulling The Meadowbrook

Our beautiful Friesian mare, Neko, is the signature horse of BARNBOOTS and provides the inspiration for the foundation of our professional (and personal!) life with horses. From her alert brown eyes and finely sculptured ears to her long black flowing mane and tail, she radiates beauty, curiosity, gentleness and a zest for life.

When Neko draws out in front of a carriage or a sleigh, she is the epitome of the proverbial carriage horse. Her trot is animated and full of action, made all the more spectacular by her generous leg feathering and proud head carriage.

Full of presence, this wonderful mare has an affectionate, gentle, sensitive disposition and steals the hearts of all who meet her. She has an engaging spirit, an enduring curiosity and above all, an unassuming approach to life; she is an inspiration for us to remain focused on the beauty and simplicity in all our lives.

And to add to her charm, she is also becoming quite the local celebrity:

Santa and Horse Sleigh

Neko brings Santa to Muskoka – Huntsville Forrester, Dec 2008

Equine Wellness

**Neko on the Cover of Equine Wellness Magazine May 2009

winter wedding sleigh

Neko pulling the “Just Married” get-a-way sleigh Feb 2008

Wedding Carriage Ride

Neko as the “Just Married” get-a-way vehicle –April 2007

Muskoka Magazine

*Neko on the cover of Muskoka Magazine Dec 2009* - Cover

sleigh ride magic

*Read the article "Sleigh Ride Magic": page 1, 2, 3, 4

Horse of the Week

Neko Featured as 'Horse of the Week' May 2009

Horses Calendar

Neko as the October horse in the calendar 2010

Baby Boomers Saddle Up

*Read the article "Baby Boomers Saddle Up" in PDF format: page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Neko and her ½ brother Neefer appear in Muskoka Magazine Aug 2009

*Reprinted with permission of Muskoka Magazine

**Reprinted with permission of Equine Wellness Magazine