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BAREFOOT HOOF CARE - Natural Hoof Care for Horses

Barefoot Hoof Care

Self-maintaining gravel crunching hoof. Ask me how!

The old adage “no foot, no horse” has never been more precisely understood than in the last few decades as more scientific barefoot hoof research unveils substantial links between hoof health, growth and mechanism and how they are entirely dependent on environment and nutrition and management practices.

Why Barefoot?
Historical references indicate that the horse was successfully used and ridden (and more extensively than now!) some 7000 years prior to the invention of the horseshoe. With the immergence and growing acceptance of the “barefoot movement” more and more studies show how many domestic hoof problems, lameness and injuries can be avoided or rehabilitated through a natural, barefoot lifestyle.

Barefoot Trim
Barefoot trims are designed to replicate the wear patterns of the strong, healthy hooves found in the wild horse population, and allow the horse to maintain a healthy, sound, performance-ready hoof without the “protection” of horseshoes.

A supportive environment that includes proper nutrition, natural feeding practices, continual movement, a herd lifestyle, and varied terrain are essential to maintaining a strong and healthy hoof.

Trimming Services
We offer a natural barefoot trimming service that incorporates a holistic approach for the health of your horses and their hooves.

Resources & Library
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Don’t simply take just our word for the beauty and benefits of a barefoot horse. Rather, do the research yourself. We’ve included many links throughout the website to get you started, and hope you’ll branch out on your own to discover more. There is an enormous amount of solid, substantiated and scientific research out there – barefoot is better!


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