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Neko is the signature horse of BARNBOOTS and provides the inspiration for the basis of my professional and personal life with horses. She has an engaging spirit, an enduring curiosity and above all, an unassuming approach to life. Neko is my inspiration to remain focused on the beauty and simplicity in all our lives.


Johanna NeuteboomJohanna Neuteboom
I was first introduced to the world of horses at the age of 2, through a feisty Shetland pony who taught me the importance of clear, concise and fair communication between horse and human. That original 10 year relationship began my lifelong quest to explore the unlimited possibilities of collaborative, respectful and trusting relationships that we can establish with our horses.


Black SwanMy Circle
I am very privileged the have around me the support of a strong network of family, friends, colleagues and clients, all of who support me, guide me, humble me, encourage me, share with me, and teach me. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to support a business. Thank you to all.