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CARRIAGE & SLEIGH - Horse Drawn Vehicles

Neko pulling the Meadowbrook

Neko & the Wedding Party in the Meadowbrook

The Meadowbrook, 1990
This solid oak 2 wheeled cart was originally crafted by the Amish and purchased near Ameliasburg in Prince Edward County. Completely re-finished, it shines with luster and new varnish and is an adventuresome and original way for the horsewoman-at-heart to arrive at her wedding ceremony.

Shopper Sleigh

The 2 person Shopper

The Shopper – The Original McLaughlin Cutter, 1898
From the original horse-less carriage company, McLaughlin Carriage Co. (now more commonly known as General Motors of course) this cutter is a true antique of over 112 years old! It sports a special feature found only on this rare model: the back spring-loaded hatch that offers room for groceries, and perhaps a few wedding gifts…?

Le Bobo horse drawn sleigh

Major pulling "Le Bobo de Voitures Robert"

Le Bobo de Voitures Robert, 2008
Custom made for BARNBOOTS by Les Voitures Robert, in Quebec, the 4 passenger BoBo sleigh is perfect for private sleigh rides, weddings and anniversaries; it’s elegant lines and velour seats add a touch of class to your winter outing. It also has the option of attaching wheels that allow it to be used at locations where suitable trails are not available such as in downtown parades or at resort locations.